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Roop designs the Salt of the Earth:

Love for salt isn’t so salty it’s precious for Roop!

Long time ago, far far away in a magical kingdom, a daughter confessed her love was like salt to her father. Being unable to understand at first the father later realized how everything is so tasteless without salt and how pure his daughter’s love for him was.

We can ignore salt can we?

Here at Roop we started designing the Roop (packaging) of ACI Salt. Like the father in the fairy tale. We at Roop did not want any misunderstandings. Thus our plan was to keep the design minimalist and contrast it with a flow throughout the packaging. To concrete the design further we have induced colors of ocean blue, the streamline from which salt produces.
Our love for salt came out like a fairy tale. The design is now so iconic that one can relate the brand from miles just by looking at the packaging. It was sooooooo good that Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) could not ignore our love for salt. Among so many different white salt producers, ACI Pure Salt was selected as the No.1 brand in BBF 2008 Awards, establishing itself as one of the most prominent brands in its category, achieving BBF Awards still in 2020.
The key measure to derive top brands of Bangladesh was brand equity, which was carried out through Nielsen’s “Winning Brands”. Winning Brands was developed in consultation with Professor Kevin Keller and Professor John Roberts, world leaders in thinking brand equity, and has been applied in hundreds of studies with some of the world’s leading companies.
Nielsen Retail Management Services (RMS) and product penetration data from Bangladesh Media and Demographic Survey 2008 (BMDS) were also analyzed to support the top brands of Bangladesh and enrich the study.
Have you ever felt the constant rush that flowed through the blood veins? The excitement and the tension of chasing a mammoth score. Cricket has been a religion in most South-Asian countries, where everyone unites supporting their favorites. 
However, as the generations passed we have shifted from a 5 days match to a much more exciting short format of the game called Twenty- 20. The dynamic short format of the game surely attracts more crowds and creates a greater buzz in the cricket tribe. As the richest boards around the cricket world started introducing their own T20 League, such as: Big Bash League (BBL), Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Super League (ISL), Nat west T20 League in order to create a new era of cricket, creating a platform for the domestic players to proof themselves, while learning from the international gurus how cricket is meant to be played. Overall, the initiative is a big hit on every aspect of cricket.
Shortly after the World Cup of 2011, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) initiated their idea of unveiling Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) as their brainchild. The idea was then shared to ROOP, where they had to lead from the back and create the brand identity for BPL from scratch.
In recent years BPL has developed as the most lucrative and most popular outlet for the game of cricket. Matches generally begin in late afternoon or evening, giving the cricket fans a greater chance to witness the game. Initially, league matches started at the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka, with a few matches in Chittagong, Sylhet and Khulna. Top four in the league contested in the playoffs with one team coming out as the champion. Starstruck world class international cricketers were witnessed in BPL who were acquired through six different franchises. Bollywood singers, world class performers and the President of Bangladesh sure says how massive the event was.
This is what all of us witnessed back in 2012, that is continued till date. But this was the outcome. Thousands of volunteers, hundreds of planners and a few, naturally gifted designers worked backstage to shrew fancy lights into the event. 
When ROOP started designing the identity for BPL we used a few different aspirations and made sure the logo stood out at the event. The  colors were inspired from the Bangladesh national flag, Green, Red and Yellow. We took inspiration from some of the most ideal elements that a cricketing event must have. What are those you ask? Its speed of the game, the sparking excitement and the roar of the crowd makes the game complete. We represented the speed with a ball that’s moving in force, the sparking excitement was driven through the letters BPL and lastly, the roar, which we thought would best be represented through a royal bengal tiger, an icon of Bangladesh and the cricket board itself.
The logo came out better than how we imagined it. However, our dynamic CEO, Yusuf Hassan was still not satisfied and thought something was missing. The boiling hotness of cricket, the fierceness which he wanted to visualize. ROOP does not know any boundaries when it comes to devoting themselves to a project. To have an actual representation of fire, we actually burned paper and conceptualized it in the brand identity. 
Later, at the end of the project some signifiers were updated, as in the initial logo the color of the ball was white, which was later changed to red, as most of the matches were to be played under floodlights.
Our CEO, Yusuf Hassan portrayed his leadership skills by not telling ROOP what to do, but showing how it’s done.