Playground is a unique combination of venture fund and start-up studio that’s taking a fresh, hands-on approach to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. The founding partners have many impressive product launches under their belts and they’ve seen first hand the places where start-ups fail. They founded Playground with the goal of removing the typical operational burdens of developing new products and freeing entrepreneurs to focus on what makes their idea great.

They also wanted to get involved, not just with money but with their time and their expertise. Playground funded companies are invited to come work alongside the founders and a team of experts at the Playground studio. The entire space was designed to enable, enhance and foster creativity and help ideas come to life. 


The name Playground set the tone for the type of brand we wanted to create. While the offering was unique,  it was Playground’s approach that really set them apart. We focused on their deep expertise and their belief that play should be part of the process.

We infused that spirit into every aspect of their brand expression, making sure to distance the brand from the typical look, feel, and rhetoric of venture capital. Our strategy focused on the promise of making tomorrow happen and having a little fun along the way.

The identity was inspired by the name and their unique blend of play and grounded expertise. The ball represented their playful spirit while the line keeps it grounded.  These two simple shapes transform to represent a range of icons and concepts that reinforce Playground’s differentiation. 

We wanted the website to feel like a complete departure from the cold, stiff world of venture capital firms and start-up accelerators. Instead, we wanted it to feel like you are entering and exploring the Playground space. We extended the visual language from the identity into delightful animations and interactions that emphasized Playground’s personality.

“A playground is a place that should inspire exploration, imagination, and fun. That’s why there’s life in this site—it’s delightful to play with.”

Will Geddes / Design Director