Green Chef

Green Chef is a food delivery service, supplying several recipes worth of washed and measured ingredients to your door weekly, but with one major difference from its competitors—an honest focus on eating healthy. While words like organic and natural get tossed around ubiquitously in marketing, Green Chef can do something most can’t—truly back it up.

Certified Organic and with special attention given to following each ingredient across the supply chain, they are giving people who desire something beyond take out but with increasingly less time on their hands the option of a healthy home-cooked meal.


As they prepared to expand nationwide in the fast and increasingly competitive food and meal delivery market, Green Chef approached Character to help in their rebrand. In looking at the category, one major truth emerged: for many, dinner had become a dilemma. People were struggling with what they could put on the table that would check all the boxes: quick, healthy, easy and wholesome.

While competitors were telling parts of this story, we wanted Green Chef to own the solution. We built a brand that could stand for the pride, satisfaction and triumph of a meal without compromise. 


The promise of Green Chef is rooted in the home. It’s an experience that still pays attention to the experience of preparing a meal to share with those you care about, empowering healthy eating and cultivating healthy habits.

Character looked to find the true icon of a home kitchen hero – a symbol that represented both the respect for ingredients and the hands-on preparation in way that spoke to home cooks, regardless of their experience level.

Crafted, personal and immediate, the cutting board became the emblem of these kitchen victories and the perfect metaphor for what Green Chef enables. From its simple, elegant form developed a language of illustrations and colors and textures, coupled with a versatile typographic system to work across their many applications, from labels and packaging to recipe cards and ads.

“Few items in a home kitchen speak like the cutting board. Intimate, crafted and purposeful—it mirrors the Green Chef experience.”

Ed O’Brien  / Creative Director