Anki Drive


Founded in 2010 by Carnegie Mellon robotics PhD graduates Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci, and Hanns Tappeiner, Anki is dedicated to bringing artificial intelligence to consumers’ lives through everyday, real life scenarios.

Following many years of behind-the-scenes development, the moment finally arrived to show the world what Anki had to offer.

On June 10th 2013, in an unprecedented unveiling, Boris Sofman took the stage at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference with Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to reveal Anki DRIVE—a racing game for the real world.

Anki approached Character with the enviable task of concepting, designing and producing the Anki DRIVE launch packaging experience. The brief was simple. The packaging had to be as remarkable as the product itself.

“It was important that the packaging reflected the premium and innovative qualities of the Anki DRIVE brand and experience.”

Paul Miller / Creative Director


Working with Anki and their external marketing team, Character conceptually defined each phase of the packaging journey, from first impression, to unboxing and reboxing.

It was important that the packaging reflect the premium and innovative qualities of the Anki DRIVE brand and experience. In addition, it had to evoke a feeling of motion and mobility with a theme of speed and performance.

The selected concept was a rigid telescoping box solution with exterior leading edges that were chamfered to give the perception of speed and movement, while providing a large “track-like” billboard space to showcase a hero shot of the car.

Character was responsible for both the structural and photographic components of the starter kit, individual cars and accessories pack. The Anki DRIVE logotype and typefaces were provided by the Anki team.


From WIRED, TechCrunch and Popular Science to WSJ, Bloomberg, CNET and beyond—Anki DRIVE has been positively raved about and resoundingly embraced by early adopters and tech commentators, and made it onto TIME’s list of 2013 Best Inventions.